AHA, AVIA Unveil Tool to Assess Health IT Capabilities for COVID-19

AHA, AVIA Unveil Tool to Assess Health IT Capabilities for COVID-19

The American Hospital Association (AHA) and AVIA recently announced the launch of a new health IT capabilities tool to support workers on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic.


The COVID-19 Digital Response Pulse provides all 5,000 members of the AHA with a new tool for rapid, critical support that allows hospitals to assess critical digital capabilities to expand access to care and tackle the COVID-19 outbreak.


“We don’t have in-house experts and large teams to figure all this out, and we all wear so many hats, so we need partners to help us,” Liz Dean, executive director of strategy and business development at Riverwood Healthcare in Aitkin, Minnesota, said in the announcement.


“The COVID-19 Pulse helped us quickly identify virtual health solutions. We gained insights on best practices, resources and reassurance that we were on the right track. Because we used this tool, we were able to implement virtual solutions very quickly and efficiently.”


AHA partnered with AVIA in October 2019 to create tools that help the healthcare industry accelerate digital transformation. The COVID-19 Pulse is available to AHA members and communities, and is accessible for any health system with an AHA member account.


The Pulse contains a frame of 13 critical capabilities identified by AVIA and its Network members. The capabilities include screening and triage, remote workforce, and addressing social needs for COVID-19.


“AVIA was founded on the idea that digital is imperative to catalyze meaningful and quick benefits for healthcare,” said Bruce Brandes, general manager, digital & partner network at AVIA. “We can move faster if we work together, especially during this crisis. The COVID-19 Pulse powers up knowledge sharing and collaboration needed to simplify and scale care across the country during such a critical time in healthcare.”


Hospitals and health systems will receive data-driven insights into how their respective organizations compare to peers that are also working to combat COVID-19. This will encourage collaborations among organizations.


“In this moment of crisis, there is so much noise when health systems need focus and clarity. The COVID-19 Pulse allows our 5,000 members to identify where they can take rapid action on the front lines to best serve their communities,” said Andy Shin, COO AHA’s Center for Health Innovation. “In partnership with AVIA, we can allow health systems and hospitals across the country to leverage their existing tools for COVID-19 response and rapidly implement new ones.”


As COVID-19 continues to impact communities and populations around the world, various digital tools and therapeutics are important to tackle the virus and slow the spread.


Last month, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBSA) announced that its network of 36 independently owned BCSB companies will enhance telehealth and other clinical support systems to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.


The shift will ensure patients have access to care and providers have the necessary protection while still caring for patients in need.


“It is important that our members feel safe and secure knowing that they are able to pursue the proper care and testing they need to protect their health during this time of concern,” Vincent Nelson, MD, president, medical affairs and interim chief medical officer at BCBSA said in the announcement.


Companies will guarantee dedicated clinical staff will address inquiries related to medical services, which will ensure quick response times.


During the outbreak, it is challenging for patients to seek in-person medical care. Therefore, BCBS will expand access to telehealth for caregivers.


“BCBS companies have significant experience handling previous international disease outbreaks including SARS and the Swine Flu and continue to work closely with local, state, and federal governments during the coronavirus outbreak to ensure that members get the information testing and care they need,” the announcement concluded.




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