COVID-19 Updates and Frequently Asked Questions

What CureMD is doing to ensure service continuity?

CureMD is constantly addressing the evolving and ongoing situation: our cross-functional team continues to:

  • Review and update our business continuity, information protection and safety policies and procedures.  
  • All eligible team members, both onshore and offshore have moved to a work from home environment, utilizing applicable security and remote access protocols.
  • Eliminate single-point-of-contact processes for critical operations, preventing potential disruption in service and support.
  • Deploy operational plans to reduce non-critical process.
  • Streamline customer service capabilities to accommodate increase in requests.
  • Develop plans to mitigate potential backlog in the event we are required to operate with a reduced workforce. 
  • Restrict business travel, except for critical meetings and implementations.
  • Audit office facilities to ensure appropriate sanitation and hygiene measures are in place to maintain a safe workplace.
  • We are collaborating with industry experts to ensure our plans are in alignment with best practices.


How can I get updates on COVID-19?

CureMD will advise you of any important updates via our standard communication channels.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding COVID-19, contact our support team.

Will there be a delay in operations, responsiveness and customer support?

We are constantly monitoring operational plans and consumption to minimize disruption and accommodate team members working from home while enacting our business continuity plans.

We have opened alternative communication channels to counter for any unexpected delays in production operations, performance and/or support.

All arrangements have been made to switch service delivery from an effected region to the other incase if there is a need.

We don’t expect service degradation or delays during the foreseeable future.