How the DME Billing is changing in the Coronavirus crisis?

How the DME Billing is changing in the Coronavirus crisis?

Today in Coronavirus pandemic healthcare providers are suffering to provide a seamless medical billing process for Durable Medical Equipment (DME) and Home Medical Equipment (HME) billing due to a sudden rise in demand for (DME) and (HME) products and services. Various measures such as social distancing, use of various technologies to solve these new challenges, and various safety precautions that are impacting DME and HME billing also interesting to look for which measures are foreseeable in the future.

Technology Makes Social Distancing Easier


The term “social distancing” could be implied as “Isolation” without the technology of today. However, the DME billing industry incorporating more innovative technology for patient communication and team meetings while working remotely. Various video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, and others enable large teams to catch up on the latest COVID-19 updates as well as work with partnering companies to navigate through these challenging times. Moreover, FaceTime is easy to connect with other Apple users, especially patients who are already familiar with Apple products. With the help of social distancing in the United States, the curve is flattening and states are beginning to reopen. With states reopening, the DME billing department should need to implement controls that will not only protect the safety and health of its employees but also its patients.

A surge in DME and HME billing claim


DME providers are sending much-needed equipment when requested by hospitals as many hospitals are run out of beds and necessary medical equipment owing to this the billing personnel should match the new pace of submitted claims.


To prevent from running out of space various hospitals are conserving their space by sending people who are not experiencing severe symptoms of illness to their home for recovery and making room for more serious patients. This policy has been largely successful with the help of DME and HME providers. These providers have collaborated with various hospitals and insurance carriers to ensure that patients receive vital equipment, instruction, and services while recovering at home.

DME and HME coverage and coding from insurance carriers


In this pandemic, many insurance companies are flexible with their DME and HME coverage and coding requirements which helps to better accommodate the sudden increase of DME products and services. However, these changes must be informed to the DME and HME billing community as early as possible. Also, specialists have the responsibility to check the carriers’ websites for any updates regarding changes as well as contact the carriers directly for any queries before entering claims for submission as claims are denied if they are improperly coded or not supported with proper documentation.

Timeline for processing claims


Extended duration for processing claims is occurring owing to the complexities at the insurance carrier level. With an increase in the submission along with social-distancing changeover for folks, insurance carriers are hurrying to process and review a large number of claims while discussing future possibilities to claim eligibility. As industries are operating to help patient care requirements. Therefore, there could be stretching of a period for DME and HME billing personnel to hear customer service replies to queries and payments to post.

Lack of access to the internet while working with patients


During the entire claim process, plenty of information can be published on the website of the provider via patient portals as well as the information can be discussed with patients through internet-based tools. Nevertheless, several individuals don’t have access to the internet. Hence, for the safety of the patients, DME and HME billing employees are required to introduce different ways to collect and send documents. Conventional mailing involves risks such as the transmission of harmful toxins and viruses into the recovering patient. Therefore, DME and HME providers are personally collecting documents and taking care of patient’s requirements and all safety measures by following the social-distancing guidelines.


Nevertheless, despite hurdles DME and HME experts face this pandemic, advanced technology coupled with a compassionate community to move safely during this outbreak. Our billing and coding services cater to numerous industry players to make sure rapid payment postings and decreased billing errors. For more details contact us to explore different avenues that can help you to save your money and time.





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