Letter From Our CEO

April 2, 2020


On behalf of team CureMD, I wanted to offer our sincerest gratitude for all that you are doing at this difficult time – putting

yourself at risk and working round the clock to save lives.


As we continue to respond to COVID-19, the well-being of our team members, their families, our partners, and customers remains our top priority.


We are ready and taking necessary actions to ensure full support for our customers by improving existing solutions, working diligently to mitigate challenges, and continuing to innovate to be even more resilient in the future.


Since the pandemic, we took necessary steps to ensure business continuity and have been very successful in meeting additional service delivery demands.


Our support quality and response time is at all-time high with the aim to maintain and exceed it as we move forward.


Our efforts to deploy integrated telemedicine and a new patient messaging system received an overwhelming response – just this last week we processed over ten million TeleVisits, filled claims the same day and are now working on launching a new market place for you to get new patients (remote and in-office).


Our providers are realizing that tele-visits and active video follow up is a tremendous help especially when timely interventions are critical.


Another focus area is to minimize customer cash flow challenges. We have deployed additional resources to expedite the work on customer account receivables. This service is now being extended to all clients regardless of their service set up. The service is designed to optimize claim quality, ensure billing rule/policy adherence, expedite clean claim submission, and tremendously increase the first pass and first pay ratio. We hope this will help with your cash flow challenges.


We are also extending the patient services facility to all our clients with staff unavailability challenges.  Our team can book or reschedule patient visits, provide account update, process payments (copays /  outstanding balance) and perform other administrative tasks that can be processed on the phone or remotely.


We recognize that, you rely on us perhaps even more than ever before. Our team will remain dedicated to support you and continue with our tradition of innovation so we can navigate this challenging time together.


Sincerely yours,

Bilal Hashmat