NE Health Information Exchange Launches COVID-19 Dashboard

NE Health Information Exchange Launches COVID-19 Dashboard

The Nebraska Health Information Initiative (NEHII), the state’s leading health information exchange (HIE) that connects to over 70 percent of the state’s providers, has launched its COVID-19 data-monitoring dashboard.


Utilizing data and technology from the HIE, along with NextGate, InterSystems, and KPI Ninja, the COVID-19 platform connects patient data from across the state to monitor the virus outbreak, enabling a rapid response.


“Now, more than ever, we need to fill interoperability gaps and bring quality data together to facilitate a highly-coordinated and effective response to the pandemic,” said Jaime Bland, CEO of NEHII.


The system uses NextGate’s cloud-based Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI), KPI Ninja Universe, and InterSystems HealthShare to corral COVID-19 data from across the state and put it into one dashboard for providers to use.


This data pertains to admission, discharge, and lab results that are coronavirus-related.


“NextGate, KPI Ninja, and have been tremendous partners in helping us overcome the complexity of data silos to deliver meaningful COVID-19 data insights,” Bland continued. “The new data monitoring program augments our HIE to report accurate, knowledge-based data that informs life-saving decisions and community emergency prevention efforts at a time of unprecedented need.”


The dashboard has the capability to deliver real-time data about laboratory testing, along with providing accurate insights to both the numerator and denominator, explained the HIE. It also has the ability to predict trends and hotspots, while monitoring patient recoveries. The platform also tracks COVID-19 hospitalizations, discharges, and real-time bed availability.


“This crisis has created a pressing need for stakeholder collaboration and has presented significant opportunities for health IT leaders to step up and help organizations respond quickly and effectively,” said Andy Aroditis, NextGate CEO.


It took just three weeks for the dashboard to be developed.


“We are proud to be a part of this leading-edge initiative that closes information sharing gaps, accurately matches patients to their health data, and provides real-time insights for pandemic preparedness and prevention,” Aroditis continued. “We applaud NEHII for their vision and commitment to empower care providers and positively influence the health of Nebraskans.”


This is not the first time NEHII and NextGate partnered on a project to enhance interoperability in the state of Nebraska.


In March, NEHII integrated with NextGate’s EMPI solutions to enhance patient matching.


Over 4 million patient records in the Nebraska region are covered by this EMPI and the patient data is now available at over 300 participating health systems.


“We are proud to be working with NextGate to ensure our members have meaningful data insights at the point of care to treat patients uniquely across the state,” Bland said in March.


“Effective care management and collaboration requires fluid data exchange and a holistic view of individuals to make better decisions, understand our populations and deliver the high-quality level of care every resident deserves.”


According to the release, inaccurate patient matching costs the US healthcare system roughly $6 billion annually. It also results in medical errors, data quality issues, administrative waste, and poor patient and provider satisfaction.


This tool allows for instant interoperability and patient matching for health systems that are under the NEHII umbrella, which ultimately aims to improve care coordination. It also aims to fix fragmented and diverse EHR applications.


NEHII’s goal at the time was to find a partner that would have the capabilities to exchange and access the patient’s complete medical history.


The EMPI will also improve the state’s prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP), which NEHII also administers.




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