New Daily High Record of Coronavirus Cases – Florida

New Daily High Record of Coronavirus Cases – Florida

Florida reported 5,508 new cases of the novel coronavirus June 24, its highest single-day jump in cases to date, CNBC reports.


The new record spike in COVID-19 cases surpasses the previous record for daily increases by nearly 1,500 — 4,049 new cases were reported June 20. The state now has 109,014 COVID-19 cases and has reported 3,281 deaths.


The percentage of tests coming back positive is increasing, an indication that the spike in cases is not just due to an increase in testing. The percentage of tests that came back positive June 24 was 15.91 percent, up from 10.82 percent the day before.


State data shows that the average age of people contracting the new virus has gone down, to 33 years, from older than 65 years in March.


Florida is among several states seeing spikes in COVID-19 patients. Arizona, Texas and California also are seeing more cases.

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